Ireland Water Polo

National League Fixtures 2016/17

UPDATED March 8th 2017: Version 7 of the National Fixture List was issued today and is available to download as a PDF here

The fixtures and latest results are:

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Date Time Venue Comp Home (White) v Away (Blue)
Sat 03-Sep NAC Int'l Junior 4 Nations
Sun 04-Sep NAC Int'l
Sat 10-Sep Aberdeen Int'l Senior Women 4 Nations - Aberdeen
Sun 11-Sep 0900 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 17-1 Drogheda
Sun 11-Sep 0940 NAC U16Girls Cathal Brugha 1-16 Tribes A
Sun 11-Sep 1020 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 11-2 Clontarf
Sun 11-Sep 1100 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 8-1 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 11-Sep 1140 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 20-1 Cathal Brugha
Sun 11-Sep 1220 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 5-6 Tribes A
Sun 11-Sep 1300 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 0-12 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 11-Sep 1340 NAC U16Boys Grads 3-12 Drogheda
Sun 11-Sep 1420 NAC U16Boys Corrib 31-0 Cathal Brugha
Sun 11-Sep 1500 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 2-10 Clonard
Sun 11-Sep 1540 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 6-7 Sandycove
Sun 11-Sep 1620 NAC U16Boys Grads 3-22 Corrib
Sun 11-Sep 1700 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 5-7 Sandycove
Sun 11-Sep 1740 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 15-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 11-Sep 1820 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 6-2 Clonard
Sat 17-Sep Belfast Grads Tournament
Sun 18-Sep Belfast
Sat 24-Sep 1400 NAC MNLD2 UCC 6-6 Clontarf
Sat 24-Sep 1500 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 7-8 Grads
Sat 24-Sep 1600 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 8-18 Sandycove
Sat 24-Sep 1700 NAC MNLD2 UCC 6-15 Galway Bay
Sun 25-Sep 0900 NAC U16Boys Grads 0-4 (w/o) St Vincents
Sun 25-Sep 0940 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 3-6 Corrib
Sun 25-Sep 1020 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 13-2 Cathal Brugha
Sun 25-Sep 1100 NAC U16Boys Clonard 13-6 Sandycove
Sun 25-Sep 1140 NAC U16Boys Grads 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sun 25-Sep 1220 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 1-2 St Vincents
Sun 25-Sep 1300 NAC U16Boys Corrib 11-5 Sandycove
Sun 25-Sep 1340 NAC U16Boys Clonard 16-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 25-Sep 1420 NAC U16Girls Cathal Brugha 2-8 Tribes B
Sun 25-Sep 1500 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 10-1 Drogheda
Sun 25-Sep 1540 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 1-17 Tribes A
Sun 25-Sep 1620 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 2-7 St Vincents
Sun 25-Sep 1700 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 12-2 Cathal Brugha
Sun 25-Sep 1740 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 11-4 Clontarf
Sun 25-Sep 1820 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 16-0 Donegall Diamonds
Sat 01-Oct 1400 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 25-1 Cathal Brugha
Sat 01-Oct 1500 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents 19-4 Glenalbyn
Sat 01-Oct 1600 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 11-4 Sandycove
Sat 01-Oct 1700 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 10-7 Drogheda
Sat 01-Oct 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 3-6 Donegall Diamonds
Sat 01-Oct 1830 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 8-24 Cathal Brugha
Sat 01-Oct 1930 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 15-8 Donegall Diamonds
Sat 01-Oct 2030 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 6-24 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 02-Oct 1300 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 4-4 Drogheda
Sun 02-Oct 1400 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sun 02-Oct 1500 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 16-5 Setanta
Sun 02-Oct 1600 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 4-9 Trinity
Sat 08-Oct 1800 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 13-6 Blackrock
Sat 08-Oct 1900 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 7-12 Galway Bay
Sun 09-Oct 1200 NAC MNLD2 UCC 7-8 Drogheda
Sun 09-Oct 1300 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 15-4 Tribes Masters
Sun 09-Oct 1400 NAC WNLD1 Glenalbyn 7-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 09-Oct 1500 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda 7-8 St Vincents
Sun 09-Oct 1600 NAC MNLD2 UCC 5-18 St Vincents
Sat 15-Oct 1400 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda 11-8 Tribes A
Sat 15-Oct 1500 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 16-11 Trinity
Sat 15-Oct 1730 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 19-4 Cathal Brugha
Sat 15-Oct 1830 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 8-16 St Vincents
Sat 15-Oct 1930 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 9-8 Glenalbyn
Sat 15-Oct 2030 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 4-20 Sandycove
Sun 16-Oct 1300 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 9-10 Nth Dublin
Sun 16-Oct 1400 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 4-6 Cathal Brugha
Sun 16-Oct 1500 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 12-8 Grads
Sun 16-Oct 1600 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 16-13 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 16-Oct 1700 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 6-16 St Vincents
Sat 22-Oct 1600 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 3-14 St Vincents
Sat 22-Oct 1700 Lisburn WNLD1 Donegall Diamonds 12-18 St Vincents
Sat 22-Oct 1800 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 15-14 Trinity
Sat 22-Oct 1900 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 13-5 Half Moon
Sat 22-Oct 2000 Lisburn MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 1-8 Clontarf
Sat 22-Oct 1930 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 7-24 Tribes A
Sat 29-Oct 1400 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 13-10 Setanta
Sat 29-Oct 1500 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 11-6 St Vincents
Sat 29-Oct 1600 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents 10-7 Tribes
Sat 29-Oct 1700 NAC MNLD3 Trinity 10-10 Nth Dublin
Sat 29-Oct 1800 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 3-7 St Vincents
Sun 30-Oct 0900 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 13-4 Tribes B
Sun 30-Oct 0940 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 14-0 Drogheda
Sun 30-Oct 1020 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 1-7 St Vincents
Sun 30-Oct 1100 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 18-2 Cathal Brugha
Sun 30-Oct 1140 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 4-6 Tribes B
Sun 30-Oct 1220 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 2-8 St Vincents
Sun 30-Oct 1300 NAC U16Girls Cathal Brugha 5-7 Clontarf
Sun 30-Oct 1340 NAC U16Boys Grads 5-15 Clonard
Sun 30-Oct 1420 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 6-4 Clontarf
Sun 30-Oct 1500 NAC U16Boys Corrib 7-2 St Vincents
Sun 30-Oct 1540 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 2-21 Sandycove
Sun 30-Oct 1620 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 1-9 Clonard
Sun 30-Oct 1700 NAC U16Boys Grads 11-21 Cathal Brugha
Sun 30-Oct 1740 NAC U16Boys Corrib 5-5 Clontarf
Sun 30-Oct 1820 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 4-16 Sandycove
Sat 05-Nov 1400 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 10-8 Clonard
Sat 05-Nov 1500 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 10-12 Clonard
Sat 05-Nov 1600 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 18-5 Sandycove
Sat 05-Nov 1700 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 6-12 Clontarf
Sat 05-Nov 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 1-6 St Vincents
Sat 05-Nov 1830 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 16-14 Nth Dublin
Sat 05-Nov 1930 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 8-9 St Vincents
Sat 05-Nov 2030 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 0-28 St Vincents
Sun 06-Nov 1200 NAC National Senior Ladies Squad
Sun 06-Nov 1300 NAC
Sun 06-Nov 1400 NAC National Junior Girls Squad
Sun 06-Nov 1500 NAC
Sun 06-Nov 1600 NAC National Junior Boys Squad
Sun 06-Nov 1700 NAC
Sat 12-Nov 1600 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 10-9 Nth Dublin
Sat 12-Nov 1700 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 10-13 St Vincents
Sat 12-Nov 1800 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 7-12 St Vincents
Sat 12-Nov 1900 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 17-5 Sandycove
Sat 12-Nov 2000 Lisburn MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 7-7 Grads
Sat 12-Nov 2100 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 15-8 Sandycove
Fri 18-Nov 1700 UL U19Cup U19 Cup (Born 1997 or later)
Sat 19-Nov 1000 UL U19Cup
Sun 20-Nov 1000 UL U19Cup
Sat 26-Nov 1400 NAC Leinster Regional Matches
Sat 26-Nov NAC
Sat 26-Nov 2000 NAC
Sun 27-Nov 1200 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 5-31 St Vincents
Sun 27-Nov 1300 NAC WNLD2 St Vincents 6-2 Clontarf
Sun 27-Nov 1400 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 16-10 Corrib
Sun 27-Nov 1500 NAC MNLD3 Trinity 14-5 Blackrock
Sun 27-Nov 1600 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 6-9 Clonard
Sun 27-Nov 1600 Lisburn WNLD1 Donegall Diamonds 18-7 Glenalbyn
Sun 27-Nov 1700 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 4-10 Cathal Brugha
Sun 27-Nov 1800 Lisburn MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 1-10 Drogheda
Sat 03-Dec 1400 NAC Leinster Cup Finals Day
Sat 03-Dec NAC
Sat 03-Dec 2000 NAC
Sat 03-Dec 1800 Leisureland WNLD1 Tribes 4-0 (w/o) Cathal Brugha
Sat 03-Dec 1900 Leisureland MNLD1 Corrib 14-11 Setanta
Sat 03-Dec 2000 Leisureland MNLD3 Blackrock 3-9 Clonard
Sat 03-Dec 2100 Leisureland MNLD2 Galway Bay 12-13 UCC
Sun 04-Dec 1200 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 10-11 Trinity
Sun 04-Dec 1300 NAC WNLD1 Glenalbyn 8-16 Trinity
Sun 04-Dec 1400 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 14-5 Clonard
Sun 04-Dec 1500 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 16-11 Nth Dublin
Sun 04-Dec 1600 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 4-5 St Vincents
Sun 04-Dec 1700 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 2-8 Clontarf
Sat 10-Dec 1600 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 14-5 Corrib
Sat 10-Dec 1700 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 3-24 Half Moon
Sat 10-Dec 1800 Lisburn MNLD2 Grads 2-12 St Vincents
Sat 10-Dec 1900 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 15-10 Corrib
Sat 10-Dec 1400 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 8-6 Clontarf
Sat 10-Dec 1500 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 4-0 (w/o) Nth Dublin
Sat 10-Dec 1600 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 8-7 Clontarf
Sat 10-Dec 1700 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda 5-5 Clontarf
Sat 10-Dec 1800 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 17-5 Nth Dublin
Sat 10-Dec 1900 NAC MNLD3 Trinity 9-8 Clonard
Sun 11-Dec 0900 NAC Christmas Cracker Gala
Sun 11-Dec 1400
Sun 11-Dec 1430 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 4-3 Cathal Brugha
Sun 11-Dec NAC U16Boys Grads 0-4 (w/o) Sandycove
Sun 11-Dec 1510 NAC U16Boys Corrib 8-5 Clonard
Sun 11-Dec 1550 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 1-5 Clontarf
Sun 11-Dec NAC U16Boys Drogheda 4-0 (w/o) Grads
Sun 11-Dec 1630 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 3-7 Corrib
Sun 11-Dec 1710 NAC U16Boys Clonard 11-5 St Vincents
Sun 11-Dec 1750 NAC U16Boys Sandycove 15-1 Clontarf
Sat 17-Dec 1100 Newry MNLD1 Clonard 8-6 Setanta
Sat 17-Dec 1200 Newry MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 4-0 (w/o) UCC
Sat 17-Dec 1300 Newry MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 11-6 Sandycove
Sat 17-Dec 1400 Newry MNLD3 Clonard 11-8 St Vincents
Sat 17-Dec 1500 Newry WNLD2 Donegall Diamonds 4-10 St Vincents
Sat 17-Dec 1600 Newry MNLD2 Grads 4-0 (w/o) UCC
Sat 17-Dec 1700 Newry WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 10-5 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 18-Dec 1200 Newry MNLD1 Clonard 8-4 Nth Dublin
Sun 18-Dec 1300 Newry MNLD2 Grads 7-12 Clontarf
Sun 18-Dec 1400 Newry WNLD2 Donegall Diamonds 10-4 Clontarf
Sun 18-Dec 1200 NAC National Squad Sessions
Sun 18-Dec 1300 NAC
Sun 18-Dec 1400 NAC
Sun 18-Dec 1500 NAC NAC Unavailable due to Level 1 Diving Course
Sun 18-Dec 1600 NAC
Sun 18-Dec 1700 NAC National Squad Sessions
Sun 18-Dec 1800 NAC
Sun 18-Dec 1900 NAC
Sat 07-Jan 1400 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 7-12 Sandycove
Sat 07-Jan 1500 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 8-5 Clonard
Sat 07-Jan 1600 NAC
Sat 07-Jan 1700 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 16-10 Setanta
Sat 07-Jan 1800 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 5-11 Nth Dublin
Sun 08-Jan 0900 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 7-7 Cathal Brugha
Sun 08-Jan 0940 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 3-8 Clontarf
Sun 08-Jan 1020 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 8-1 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 08-Jan 1100 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 9-2 Tribes B
Sun 08-Jan 1140 NAC U16Girls Cathal Brugha 8-7 Drogheda
Sun 08-Jan 1220 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 8-15 Tribes A
Sun 08-Jan 1300 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 8-5 St Vincents
Sun 08-Jan 1340 NAC U16Boys Sandycove 4-4 Corrib
Sun 08-Jan 1420 NAC U16Boys Clonard 1-8 Drogheda
Sun 08-Jan 1500 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 4-10 Clontarf
Sun 08-Jan 1540 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 6-11 Corrib
Sun 08-Jan 1620 NAC U16Boys Sandycove 15-0 Clonard
Sun 08-Jan 1700 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 5-4 Drogheda
Sun 08-Jan 1740 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 6-10 St Vincents
Sat 14-Jan 1400 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents 21-8 Donegall Diamonds
Sat 14-Jan 1500 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 4-10 Nth Dublin
Sat 14-Jan 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 8-4 Clontarf
Sat 14-Jan 1830 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 14-11 Sandycove
Sat 14-Jan 1930 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 15-14 Clontarf
Sat 14-Jan 2030 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 6-14 St Vincents
Sat 14-Jan 2130 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 3-24 Clontarf
Sun 15-Jan 1000 NAC Available for National Squads
Sun 15-Jan 1100 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1200 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1300 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1400 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1500 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1600 NAC
Sun 15-Jan 1700 NAC
Sat 21-Jan Guinness Clontarf Junior Tournament
Sun 22-Jan Guinness
Fri 27-Jan Lisburn U17Cup U17 Cup (Born 2000 or later)
Sat 28-Jan Lisburn U17Cup
Sun 29-Jan Lisburn U17Cup
Sat 04-Feb 1400 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 10-7 UCC
Sat 04-Feb 1500 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 18-11 Cathal Brugha
Sat 04-Feb 1600 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 7-18 Clonard
Sat 04-Feb 1700 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 19-10 Corrib
Sat 04-Feb 1800 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents 19-4 Trinity
Sat 04-Feb 1900 NAC MNLD3 Trinity 5-11 St Vincents
Sat 04-Feb 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 3-13 Drogheda
Sat 04-Feb 1830 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 4-15 Clontarf
Sat 04-Feb 1930 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 8-7 Drogheda
Sat 04-Feb 2030 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 2-25 Drogheda
Sun 05-Feb 1100 NAC WNLD1 Glenalbyn 8-18 Tribes
Sun 05-Feb 1200 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 18-6 Cathal Brugha
Sun 05-Feb 1300 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 7-16 Half Moon
Sun 05-Feb 1400 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 17-5 Setanta
Sun 05-Feb 1500 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 4-11 Cathal Brugha
Sun 05-Feb 1600 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 3-8 St Vincents
Sat 11-Feb Int'l ASA Regional U17 Boys (Born 2000)
Sun 12-Feb Int'l
Sat 11-Feb 1400 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 16-2 Clontarf
Sat 11-Feb 1440 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 2-16 Tribes A
Sat 11-Feb 1520 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 2-11 Donegall Diamonds
Sat 11-Feb 1600 NAC U16Girls Drogheda 1-9 St Vincents
Sat 11-Feb 1640 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 7-6 Clontarf
Sat 11-Feb 1720 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 22-4 Tribes B
Sat 11-Feb n/a U16Girls Cathal Brugha 0-4 (w/o) St Vincents
Sat 11-Feb n/a U16Girls Tribes A 4-0 (w/o) Cathal Brugha
Sun 12-Feb 0900 NAC Br Philip QF1 Cathal Brugha 26-5 Clonard
Sun 12-Feb 1000 NAC Br Philip QF2 Sandycove 10-9 (8-8,pens) Half Moon
Sun 12-Feb 1100 NAC Available for National Squads
Sun 12-Feb 1200 NAC
Sun 12-Feb 1300 NAC Ladies KO SF Cathal Brugha 3-15 St Vincents
Sun 12-Feb 1400 NAC Br Philip SF1 St Vincents 13-14 (9-9, pens) Cathal Brugha
Sun 12-Feb 1500 NAC Br Philip SF2 Nth Dublin 4-7 Sandycove
Sun 12-Feb 1600 NAC Available for National Squads
Sun 12-Feb 1700 NAC
Sun 12-Feb 1800 NAC Ladies KO Final Glenalbyn 2-21 St Vincents
Sun 12-Feb 1900 NAC Br Philip Final Cathal Brugha 13-7 Sandycove
Sat 18-Feb 1600 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 8-12 St Vincents
Sat 18-Feb 1700 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 19-7 Blackrock
Sat 18-Feb 1800 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 13-9 Galway Bay
Sat 18-Feb 1900 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 6-6 Trinity
Sun 19-Feb 0900 NAC WNLD1 Trinity postponed Tribes
Sun 19-Feb 1000 NAC WNLD2 St Vincents postponed Tribes A
Sun 19-Feb 1100 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda postponed UCC
Sun 19-Feb 1200 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin postponed Clonard
Sun 19-Feb 1300 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove postponed Cathal Brugha
Sun 19-Feb 1400 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove postponed Clonard
Sun 19-Feb 1500 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents postponed Half Moon
Sun 19-Feb 1600 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents postponed UCC
Sun 19-Feb 1700 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda postponed Donegall Diamonds
Sun 19-Feb 1800 NAC MNLD3 Trinity postponed Clontarf
Sat 25-Feb Int'l ASA Regional U17 Girls (Born 2000)
Sun 26-Feb Int'l
Sat 25-Feb 1600 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 10-4 Corrib
Sat 25-Feb 1700 Lisburn MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 1-12 St Vincents
Sat 25-Feb 1800 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 12-7 Glenalbyn
Sat 25-Feb 1900 Lisburn MNLD2 Grads 6-9 Drogheda
Sat 04-Mar 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 3-18 Nth Dublin
Sat 04-Mar 1830 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 9-22 St Vincents
Sat 04-Mar 1930 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 13-19 Half Moon
Sat 04-Mar 2030 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 15-14 Grads
Sat 11-Mar 1400 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 6-5 Clontarf
Sat 11-Mar 1500 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 10-8 Blackrock
Sat 11-Mar 1600 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 20-11 Corrib
Sat 11-Mar 1700 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 5-4 Sandycove
Sat 11-Mar 1800 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 14-2 Cathal Brugha
Sat 11-Mar 1900 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 1-14 St Vincents
Sat 11-Mar 1600 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 4-12 Trinity
Sat 11-Mar 1700 Lisburn WNLD1 Donegall Diamonds 16-8 Trinity
Sat 11-Mar 1800 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 12-10 Clonard
Sat 11-Mar 1900 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 7-13 Sandycove
Sat 11-Mar 1930 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 17-5 Tribes Masters
Sun 12-Mar 0900 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 7-5 Clonard
Sun 12-Mar 1000 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda 8-15 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 12-Mar 1100 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 3-12 Tribes
Sun 12-Mar 1200 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 14-13 Clonard
Sun 12-Mar 1300 NAC U16Girls Cathal Brugha 1-7 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 12-Mar 1340 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 10-3 Tribes B
Sun 12-Mar 1420 NAC U16Girls Donegall Diamonds 8-1 Drogheda
Sun 12-Mar 1500 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 9-5 Cathal Brugha
Sun 12-Mar 1540 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 7-6 Drogheda
Sun 12-Mar 1620 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 5-4 Tribes A
Sun 12-Mar 1700 NAC Junior Girls National Squad Training
Sun 12-Mar 1800 NAC
Wed 15-Mar 2030 Trinity MNLD3 Trinity 13-6 Clontarf
Sat 18-Mar 1400 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 5-8 Drogheda
Sat 18-Mar 1500 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 5-6 Tribes A
Sat 18-Mar 1600 Lisburn MNLD2 Grads 9-5 Cathal Brugha
Sat 18-Mar 1700 Lisburn WNLD2 Donegall Diamonds 3-10 Drogheda
Sat 18-Mar 1800 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 5-20 St Vincents
Sat 18-Mar 1900 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta postponed Cathal Brugha
Sun 19-Mar 1600 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 9-8 Nth Dublin
Sun 19-Mar 1700 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 10-8 Nth Dublin
Sun 19-Mar 1000 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 5-6 St Vincents
Sun 19-Mar 1100 NAC MNLD2 UCC 8-8 Grads
Sun 19-Mar 1200 NAC WNLD2 St Vincents 8-2 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 19-Mar 1300 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 10-9 Corrib
Sun 19-Mar 1400 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents 8-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 19-Mar 1500 NAC MNLD2 UCC 9-10 Cathal Brugha
Sun 19-Mar 1600 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 5-9 Glenalbyn
Sun 19-Mar 1700 NAC MNLD3 Trinity 10-2 Sandycove
Sat 25-Mar 1400 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 8-7 Galway Bay
Sat 25-Mar 1500 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 2-17 St Vincents
Sat 25-Mar 1600 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 0-4 (w/o) Grads
Sat 25-Mar 1700 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 10-7 Half Moon
Sat 25-Mar 1800 NAC WNLD1 Glenalbyn 9-16 St Vincents
Sat 25-Mar 1900 NAC WNLD2 Drogheda 25-0 Tribes Masters
Sat 25-Mar 1730 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 10-6 Clonard
Sat 25-Mar 1830 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 9-4 Trinity
Sat 25-Mar 1930 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 4-17 Trinity
Sun 26-Mar 0900 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 5-5 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 26-Mar 1000 NAC WNLD2 St Vincents 9-2 Drogheda
Sun 26-Mar 1100 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 12-5 Cathal Brugha
Sun 26-Mar 1200 NAC WNLD1 Glenalbyn 7-8 Donegall Diamonds
Sun 26-Mar 1300 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 6-7 Sandycove
Sun 26-Mar 1400 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 3-9 Drogheda
Sun 26-Mar 1440 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 2-5 St Vincents
Sun 26-Mar 1520 NAC U16Boys Clonard 4-8 Corrib
Sun 26-Mar 1600 NAC U16Boys Sandycove 4-4 Drogheda
Sun 26-Mar 1700 NAC Boys U17 National Squad Training
Sun 26-Mar 1800 NAC
Sat 01-Apr 1200 Lisburn WNLD2 Donegall Diamonds 26-4 Tribes Masters
Sat 01-Apr 1300 Lisburn MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 6-11 Galway Bay
Sat 01-Apr 1400 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sat 01-Apr 1500 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 6-7 Half Moon
Sat 01-Apr 1600 Lisburn MNLD2 Grads 6-7 Galway Bay
Sat 01-Apr 1700 Lisburn WNLD1 Donegall Diamonds 11-5 Tribes
Sat 01-Apr 1400 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 6-4 UCC
Sat 01-Apr 1500 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 12-18 Cathal Brugha
Sat 01-Apr 1600 NAC WNLD2 St Vincents 16-0 Tribes A
Sat 01-Apr 1700 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 15-5 UCC
Sun 02-Apr 1400 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 17-2 Tribes
Sun 02-Apr 1500 Lisburn WNLD2 Donegall Diamonds 8-4 Tribes A
Sun 02-Apr 1600 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 8-8 Clontarf
Sun 02-Apr 1700 Lisburn MNLD1 Setanta 9-11 Clonard
Tue 04-Apr 2015 Grove WNLD1 Donegall Diamonds 8-5 Cathal Brugha
Fri 14-Apr 2015 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 16-12 Half Moon
n/a n/a Belfast MNLD1 Setanta 0-4 (w/o) Cathal Brugha
n/a n/a Belfast MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 4-0 (w/o) Setanta
Brno, Czech Republic
Sat 15-Apr Int'l
Sun 16-Apr Int'l
Sat 15-Apr 1400 NAC Leinster Regional Matches
Sat 15-Apr NAC
Sat 15-Apr 2000 NAC
Sun 16-Apr 1000 NAC National Junior Girls Squad Training
Sun 16-Apr 1100 NAC
Sun 16-Apr 1200 NAC    
Sun 16-Apr 1300 NAC        
Sun 16-Apr 1400 NAC National Junior Girls Squad Training
Sun 16-Apr 1500 NAC
Sat 22-Apr NAC U13Cup U13 Mixed Cup (Born 2004 and later)
NAC U13Cup
Sun 23-Apr NAC U13Cup
Sun 23-Apr 1100 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 4-7 Drogheda
Sun 23-Apr 1140 NAC U16Boys Cathal Brugha 1-5 Clonard
Sun 23-Apr 1220 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 2-6 Corrib
Sun 23-Apr 1500 NAC U16Boys Clonard 2-9 Clontarf
Sun 23-Apr 1540 NAC U16Boys Corrib 3-4 Drogheda
Prague, Czech Republic
Sat 22-Apr Int'l
Sun 23-Apr Int'l
Fri 28-Apr Bangor Irish Snr Cups Irish Senior Cups
Sat 29-Apr Bangor Irish Snr Cups
Sun 30-Apr Bangor Irish Snr Cups
Sat 13-May Galway U15Cup U15 Cups (Born 2002 and later)
Sun 14-May Galway U15Cup
Sczeczin, Poland
Sat 20-May Int'l
Sun 21-May Int'l
Sat 01-Jul Int'l ASA Regional U15 Boys (Born 2002)
Sun 02-Jul Int'l
Sat 08-Jul Int'l ASA Regional U15 Girls (Born 2002)
Sun 09-Jul Int'l
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Sat 15-Jul Int'l
Sun 16-Jul Int'l