Ireland Water Polo

National League Fixtures 2017/18

IMPORTANT NOTICE March 2nd: To ensure the safety of all of our Players, Coaches, Officials and Supporters the National Water Polo Committee working with Swim Ireland has taken the decision to cancel the full weekend program of National Water Polo matches. This covers matches scheduled for the NAC, NUIG Kingfisher and Lisburn on Saturday March 3rd and for the NAC on Sunday March 4th. This difficult decision was taken after considering the latest weather forecasts and travel advisories in place both North and South. We will now work on a plan to reschedule matches over the coming weeks and hope to communicate further with Clubs towards the end of this week.

UPDATED February 9th 2017: Version 5 of the National Fixture List was issued today and is available to download as a PDF here. (Note:This file is updated when a new fixture list is released and will not contain all minor modifications necessary on an ongoing basis. The list below is constantly updated, including in between releases of the Fixture List.)

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The fixtures and latest results are:

Date Time Venue Comp Home (White) v Away (Blue)
Sun 10-Sep 0900 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 15-0 Nth Dublin
Sun 10-Sep 0940 NAC U16Girls Bangor 1-27 Tribes A
Sun 10-Sep 1020 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 2-17 Diamonds
Sun 10-Sep 1100 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 3-14 Clontarf
Sun 10-Sep 1140 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 27-1 Bangor
Sun 10-Sep 1220 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 2-22 Tribes A
Sun 10-Sep 1300 NAC U16Girls Diamonds 6-4 Clontarf
Sun 10-Sep 1340 NAC U16Boys Corrib 7-5 Clontarf
Sun 10-Sep 1420 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 2-17 Clonard
Sun 10-Sep 1500 NAC U16Boys Bangor 2-17 St Vincents
Sun 10-Sep 1540 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 19-1 Drogheda
Sun 10-Sep 1620 NAC U16Boys Corrib 15-5 Nth Dublin
Sun 10-Sep 1700 NAC U16Boys Bangor 0-16 Clonard
Sun 10-Sep 1740 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 13-1 Drogheda
Sat 16-Sep 1400 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 9-6 Half Moon
Sat 16-Sep 1500 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 18-6 Cú Chulainn
Sat 16-Sep 1600 NAC MNLD1 North Dublin 12-7 Clonard
Sat 16-Sep 1700 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 7-7 Drogheda
Sat 16-Sep 1745 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 10-8 St Vincents
Sat 16-Sep 1730 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 13-12 Cathal Brugha
Sat 16-Sep 1830 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 8-9 Cathal Brugha
Sat 16-Sep 1930 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 4-0 (w/o) Diamonds B
Sun 17-Sep 0900 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 21-6 Athlone
Sun 17-Sep 1000 NAC MNLD3 North Dublin 11-5 Clontarf
Sun 17-Sep 1100 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 9-16 Diamonds A
Sun 17-Sep 1200 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 20-2 St Vincents A
Sun 24-Sep 1400 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 7-8 Galway Bay
Sun 24-Sep 1500 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 10-8 Cathal Brugha
Sun 24-Sep 1600 NAC WNLD2 Nth Dublin 4-0 (w/o) Tribes Masters
Sun 24-Sep 1700 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 24-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 24-Sep 1800 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 10-16 Cú Chulainn
Sat 30-Sep 1430 NAC U19Boys Clontarf 8-8 Cathal Brugha
Sat 30-Sep 1530 NAC U19Boys St Vincents 8-11 Sandycove
Sat 30-Sep 1630 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 22-3 Athlone
Sat 30-Sep 1730 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 7-16 Clonard
Sat 30-Sep 1830 NAC MNLD2 Trinity 4-10 Drogheda
Sat 30-Sep 1630 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha postponed Tribes
Sat 30-Sep 1730 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds B 2-26 St Vincents B
Sat 30-Sep 1830 Lisburn WNLD2 Cathal Brugha 13-1 Nth Dublin
Sat 30-Sep 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds A 13-8 St Vincents A
Sat 30-Sep 2030 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 20-6 Half Moon
Sat 07-Oct 1430 NAC U19Boys Clontarf 10-8 Sandycove
Sat 07-Oct 1530 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 18-6 Blackrock
Sat 07-Oct 1630 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 9-6 Cathal Brugha
Sat 07-Oct 1730 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 13-8 Sandycove
Sat 07-Oct 1830 NAC MNLD2 Trinity 3-7 Galway Bay
Sat 07-Oct 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 5-9 Clontarf
Sat 07-Oct 1830 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 8-4 Nth Dublin
Sat 07-Oct 1930 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 4-6 Trinity
Sat 07-Oct 2030 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes Masters 1-10 Clontarf
Sun 08-Oct 0900 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 8-2 Bangor
Sun 08-Oct 0940 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 7-8 Clontarf
Sun 08-Oct 1020 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 1-19 Clonard
Sun 08-Oct 1100 NAC U16Boys Bangor 3-14 Corrib
Sun 08-Oct 1140 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 11-9 Nth Dublin
Sun 08-Oct 1220 NAC U16Boys Clonard 3-3 St Vincents
Sun 08-Oct 1300 NAC U16Boys Corrib 19-0 Drogheda
Sun 08-Oct 1340 NAC U16Girls Bangor 8-3 Tribes B
Sun 08-Oct 1420 NAC U16Girls Diamonds 6-3 Nth Dublin
Sun 08-Oct 1500 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 3-9 Tribes A
Sun 08-Oct 1540 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 3-20 St Vincents
Sun 08-Oct 1620 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 16-4 Bangor
Sun 08-Oct 1700 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 9-2 Diamonds
Sun 08-Oct 1740 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 13-3 Clontarf
Sat 14-Oct 1430 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 7-6 Clonard
Sat 14-Oct 1530 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 13-11 Corrib
Sat 14-Oct 1630 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 15-6 Cú Chulainn
Sat 14-Oct 1730 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 2-7 St Vincents
Sat 14-Oct 1830 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 7-5 St Vincents
Sat 14-Oct 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 9-10 Clontarf
Sat 14-Oct 1830 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 11-8 Drogheda
Sat 14-Oct 1930 NUIG U19Girls Tribes 23-10 Clontarf
Sat 14-Oct 2030 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 1-19 Clontarf
Fri 20-Oct Grove Cú Chulainn Bridgestone Tournament
Grove LC, Belfast
Sat 21-Oct Grove
Sun 22-Oct Grove
Sat 28-Oct 1430 NAC U19Boys Sandycove 12-15 Corrib
Sat 28-Oct 1530 NAC MNLD2 Trinity 3-6 Clontarf
Sat 28-Oct 1630 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 12-11 Cathal Brugha
Sat 28-Oct 1730 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 10-8 Half Moon
Sat 28-Oct 1830 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 6-7 Nth Dublin
Sat 28-Oct 1600 Falls Rd U19Girls Diamonds 5-8 Tribes
Sat 28-Oct 1700 Falls Rd MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 17-4 Athlone
Sat 28-Oct 1800 Falls Rd WNLD2 Cathal Brugha 4-0 (w/o) Tribes Masters
Sat 28-Oct 1900 Falls Rd MNLD3 Clonard 16-6 Clontarf
Sat 28-Oct 2000 Falls Rd U19Boys Cathal Brugha 7-12 Drogheda
Sun 29-Oct 1000 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 3-13 Cathal Brugha
Sun 29-Oct 1100 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 12-7 Sandycove
Sun 29-Oct 1200 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 15-8 Clonard
Sun 29-Oct 1300 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 10-10 Cú Chulainn
Sun 29-Oct 1400 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 13-3 Trinity
Sun 29-Oct 1500 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 5-12 Tribes
Sun 29-Oct 1600 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 15-9 Cathal Brugha
Sun 29-Oct 1700 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 5-9 St Vincents
Sun 29-Oct 1800 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sat 04-Nov 1400 Falls Rd U19Boys Cathal Brugha 4-0 (w/o) Sandycove
Sat 04-Nov 1500 Falls Rd MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 6-10 St Vincents
Sat 04-Nov 1600 Falls Rd MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 9-4 Trinity
Sat 04-Nov 1700 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds A 22-1 Diamonds B
Sat 04-Nov 1730 NUIG WNLD2 Tribes A 11-5 Cathal Brugha
Sat 04-Nov 1830 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 10-9 Clontarf
Sat 04-Nov 1930 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 15-15 St Vincents
Fri 17-Nov 1700 UL U19Cup U19 Cup (Born 1998 or later)
Sat 18-Nov 1000 UL U19Cup
Sun 19-Nov 1000 UL U19Cup
Sat 25-Nov 1430 NAC MNLD2 Clontarf 7-5 Galway Bay
Sat 25-Nov 1530 NAC U19Girls Clontarf 7-14 Diamonds
Sat 25-Nov 1630 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 25-3 Athlone
Sat 25-Nov 1730 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 12-6 St Vincents A
Sat 25-Nov 1830 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sat 25-Nov 1730 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 14-9 Half Moon
Sat 25-Nov 1830 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 7-8 Corrib
Sat 25-Nov 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 5-13 St Vincents B
Sat 25-Nov 2030 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 5-7 Sandycove
Sun 26-Nov 1100 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 17-3 Diamonds B
Sun 26-Nov 1200 NAC WNLD2 Nth Dublin 2-15 Tribes A
Sun 26-Nov 1300 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 9-3 Trinity
Sun 26-Nov 1400 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 8-16 Nth Dublin
Sun 26-Nov 1500 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 9-7 Cú Chulainn
Sun 26-Nov 1600 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 19-8 Blackrock
Sun 26-Nov 1700 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 7-6 Cathal Brugha
Sun 26-Nov 1800 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 12-7 Sandycove
Sun 26-Nov 1900 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 5-12 St Vincents B
Sat 02-Dec 1430 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 11-11 Corrib
Sat 02-Dec 1530 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 20-8 Tribes
Sat 02-Dec 1630 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 7-4 Cú Chulainn
Sat 02-Dec 1730 NAC
Sat 02-Dec 1830 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 8-3 Trinity
Sun 03-Dec NAC Int'l National Squads - Junior Girls
15:00 - 17:30 U15s
17:30 - 20:00 U17s
Sun 03-Dec NAC Int'l
Sun 03-Dec NAC Int'l
Sat 09-Dec 1430 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 6-6 Corrib
Sat 09-Dec 1530 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 15-2 Diamonds B
Sat 09-Dec 1630 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 8-6 Cathal Brugha
Sat 09-Dec 1730 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 19-5 Diamonds A
Sat 09-Dec 1830 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 17-3 Clontarf
Sat 09-Dec 1730 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 11-8 St Vincents A
Sat 09-Dec 1830 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 9-10 Nth Dublin
Sat 09-Dec 1930 Lisburn MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 4-0 (w/o) Sandycove
Sat 09-Dec 2030 Lisburn
Sat 09-Dec 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 17-6 Athlone
Sat 09-Dec 1830 NUIG U19Boys Corrib 4-0 (w/o) Drogheda
Sun 10-Dec NAC Int'l National Squads - Junior Boys
14:00 - 17:00 U15s
17:00 - 20:00 U17s
Sun 10-Dec NAC Int'l
Sun 10-Dec NAC Int'l
Sat 16-Dec 1400 NAC Leinster Leinster Cup Final Day
Sat 16-Dec : NAC Leinster
Sat 16-Dec 2015 NAC Leinster
Sat 16-Dec 1700 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 9-14 Clonard
Sat 16-Dec 1800 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 12-12 Diamonds A
Sat 16-Dec 1900 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 20-2 Clonard
Sat 16-Dec 2000 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 2-19 Clonard
Sat 16-Dec 2100 NUIG U19Girls Tribes 6-9 Diamonds
Sun 17-Dec 0900 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 23-2 Tribes B
Sun 17-Dec 0940 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 8-4 Nth Dublin
Sun 17-Dec 1020 NAC U16Girls Diamonds 2-7 St Vincents
Sun 17-Dec 1100 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 19-2 Bangor
Sun 17-Dec 1140 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 11-1 Tribes B
Sun 17-Dec 1220 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 2-5 St Vincents
Sun 17-Dec 1300 NAC U16Girls Bangor 2-12 Diamonds
Sun 17-Dec 1340 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 5-16 Bangor
Sun 17-Dec 1420 NAC U16Boys Clonard 10-6 Clontarf
Sun 17-Dec 1500 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 11-4 Corrib
Sun 17-Dec 1540 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 3-5 Nth Dublin
Sun 17-Dec 1620 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 15-8 Bangor
Sun 17-Dec 1700 NAC U16Boys Clonard 9-2 Corrib
Sun 17-Dec 1740 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 1-16 St Vincents
Sat 06-Jan 1415 NAC U19Boys Sandycove 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sat 06-Jan 1515 NAC WNLD2 Nth Dublin 3-17 Clontarf
Sat 06-Jan 1615 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 10-11 Corrib
Sat 06-Jan 1715 NAC Int'l National Squads - Jnr Boys 17:15 - 20:00
Sat 06-Jan NAC Int'l
Sat 06-Jan 2000 NAC Int'l
Sat 06-Jan 1730 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds A 12-9 Tribes
Sat 06-Jan 1830 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 7-11 St Vincents
Sat 06-Jan 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 5-6 Trinity
Sat 06-Jan 2030 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds B 0-19 Tribes
Sun 07-Jan 1000 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 10-8 Clontarf
Sun 07-Jan 1100 NAC MNLD2 Trinity 13-8 Cathal Brugha
Sun 07-Jan 1200 NAC U19Boys Drogheda 17-4 Clontarf
Sun 07-Jan 1300 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 11-8 Clonard
Sun 07-Jan 1400 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 17-4 Athlone
Sun 07-Jan 1500 NAC
Sun 07-Jan 1600 NAC Int'l National Squads - Jnr Girls 16:00 - 19:00
Sun 07-Jan 1700 NAC Int'l
Sun 07-Jan 1800 NAC Int'l
Sun 07-Jan 1730 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 4-8 Sandycove
Sun 07-Jan 1830 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 8-11 Cú Chulainn
Sat 13-Jan 1530 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 12-7 Clontarf
Sat 13-Jan 1630 NAC U19Boys Clontarf 5-16 Corrib
Sat 13-Jan 1730 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 5-6 St Vincents
Sat 13-Jan 1830 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 4-9 Nth Dublin
Sat 13-Jan 1745 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds B 6-14 St Vincents A
Sat 13-Jan 1845 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 7-8 St Vincents
Sat 13-Jan 1945 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 4-7 Sandycove
Sat 13-Jan 2045 Lisburn MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 7-14 Clonard
Sat 13-Jan 1900 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 8-7 Cathal Brugha
Sat 13-Jan 2000 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 1-25 Blackrock
Sat 20-Jan Galway Corib & Tribes U13 Tournament
Sun 21-Jan Galway
Sat 20-Jan 1900 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 18-11 Half Moon
Sat 20-Jan 2000 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 16-6 St Vincents A
Sat 20-Jan 1745 Lisburn U19Girls Diamonds 4-0 (w/o) Clontarf
Sat 20-Jan 1845 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 8-9 Nth Dublin
Sat 20-Jan 1945 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 19-7 Clonard
Fri 26-Jan Lisburn U17Cup U17 Cup (Born 2001 or later)
Sat 27-Jan Lisburn U17Cup
Sun 28-Jan Lisburn U17Cup
Sat 03-Feb 1430 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 7-13 Clontarf
Sat 03-Feb 1530 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 7-9 Sandycove
Sat 03-Feb 1630 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 11-13 Cathal Brugha
Sat 03-Feb 1730 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 5-17 St Vincents
Sat 03-Feb 1830 NAC U19Boys Clontarf 3-10 Drogheda
Sat 03-Feb 1600 Falls Rd MNLD3 Clonard 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sat 03-Feb 1700 Falls Rd MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 1-19 St Vincents
Sat 03-Feb 1800 Falls Rd WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 6-5 Diamonds A
Sat 03-Feb 1900 Falls Rd MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sun 04-Feb 1600 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds A 10-5 Clontarf
Sun 04-Feb 1700 Falls Rd MNLD3 Clonard 8-10 Cú Chulainn
Sun 04-Feb 1800 Falls Rd MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 14-8 Clontarf
Sun 04-Feb 1900 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds B 3-11 Clontarf
Sat 10-Feb 1415 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 7-15 Cathal Brugha
Sat 10-Feb 1515 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 11-9 Clonard
Sat 10-Feb 1615 NAC MNLD1 St Vincents 10-11 Nth Dublin
Sat 10-Feb 1715 NAC Int'l National Junior Squads 17:15 - 20:00
Sat 10-Feb NAC Int'l
Sat 10-Feb 2000 NAC Int'l
Sat 17-Feb 1430 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 6-10 Diamonds
Sat 17-Feb 1510 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 1-14 St Vincents
Sat 17-Feb 1550 NAC U16Girls Diamonds 16-1 Tribes B
Sat 17-Feb 1630 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 12-2 Bangor
Sat 17-Feb 1710 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 16-10 Nth Dublin
Sat 17-Feb 1750 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 19-0 Tribes B
Sat 17-Feb 1830 NAC U16Girls Bangor 1-18 St Vincents
Sat 17-Feb 1730 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 15-8 Nth Dublin
Sat 17-Feb 1830 Lisburn U19Boys Cathal Brugha 5-5 Clontarf
Sat 17-Feb 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds A 4-12 St Vincents B
Sat 17-Feb 2030 Lisburn
Sat 17-Feb 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 8-10 Cú Chulainn
Sat 17-Feb 1830 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 11-4 Trinity
Sat 17-Feb 1930 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 15-7 Cú Chulainn
Sat 17-Feb 2030 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 4-14 Cú Chulainn
Sat 17-Feb 2130 NUIG U19Boys Corrib 4-0 (w/o) Sandycove
Sun 18-Feb 0800 NAC Br Philip QF1 Nth Dublin 13-3 Sandycove
Sun 18-Feb 0900 NAC Br Philip QF2 St Vincents 13-13
(17-16 pens)
Cathal Brugha
Sun 18-Feb 1000 NAC Int'l National Squad - U17 Boys Girls 10:00-12:00
Sun 18-Feb 1100 NAC Int'l
Sun 18-Feb 1200 NAC Ladies K/O SF1 Trinity 2-16 St Vincents
Sun 18-Feb 1300 NAC Ladies K/O SF2 Cathal Brugha 8-7 Tribes
Sun 18-Feb 1400 NAC Br Philip SF1 Half Moon 8-12 Nth Dublin
Sun 18-Feb 1500 NAC Br Philip SF2 Cú Chulainn 5-18 St Vincents
Sun 18-Feb 1600 NAC Int'l National Squad - U15 Girls 16:00-18:00
Sun 18-Feb 1700 NAC Int'l
Sun 18-Feb 1800 NAC Ladies K/O Final St Vincents 10-6 Cathal Brugha
Sun 18-Feb 1900 NAC Br Philip Final Nth Dublin 5-11 St Vincents
Sat 24-Feb 1415 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 6-3 Corrib
Sat 24-Feb 1455 NAC U16Boys Clonard 13-0 Bangor
Sat 24-Feb 1535 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 4-10 Corrib
Sat 24-Feb 1615 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 3-11 Clontarf
Sat 24-Feb 1655 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 10-3 Bangor
Sat 24-Feb 1735 NAC U16Boys Clonard 9-1 Nth Dublin
Sat 24-Feb 1815 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 2-10 St Vincents
Sat 24-Feb 1700 Newry MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 16-9 Corrib
Sat 24-Feb 1800 Newry WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 8-9 Tribes
Sat 24-Feb 1900 Newry MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 8-7 Galway Bay
Sat 03-Mar 1430 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf Postponed Tribes
Sat 03-Mar 1530 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove Postponed Nth Dublin
Sat 03-Mar 1630 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf Postponed Tribes A
Sat 03-Mar 1730 NAC
Sat 03-Mar 1830 NAC
Sat 03-Mar 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock Postponed Nth Dublin
Sat 03-Mar 1830 NUIG U19Boys Corrib Postponed Clontarf
Sat 03-Mar 1930 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone Postponed Nth Dublin
Sat 03-Mar 2030 NUIG
Sat 03-Mar 2130 NUIG
Sat 03-Mar 1630 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard Postponed Corrib
Sat 03-Mar 1730 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds A Postponed Trinity
Sat 03-Mar 1830 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn Postponed Cathal Brugha
Sat 03-Mar 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha Postponed Diamonds B
Sat 03-Mar 2030 Lisburn
Sun 04-Mar 1000 NAC ISCQ G1 Sandycove Postponed Corrib
Sun 04-Mar 1100 NAC ISCQ G2 Drogheda Postponed Cú Chulainn
Sun 04-Mar 1200 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon Postponed St Vincents
Sun 04-Mar 1300 NAC MNLD2 Trinity Postponed St Vincents
Sun 04-Mar 1400 NAC ISCQ G3 Nth Dublin Postponed Loser G1
Sun 04-Mar 1500 NAC WNLD1 Trinity Postponed Clontarf
Sun 04-Mar 1600 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B Postponed Cathal Brugha
Sun 04-Mar 1700 NAC WNLD2 Nth Dublin Postponed Cathal Brugha
Sun 04-Mar 1800 NAC ISCQ G4 Loser G2 Postponed Loser G3
Sat 10-Mar 1430 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 7-10 Half Moon
Sat 10-Mar 1530 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 6-5 Diamonds A
Sat 10-Mar 1630 NAC MNLD3 Sandycove 14-14 Cú Chulainn
Sat 10-Mar 1730 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 7-9 Trinity
Sat 10-Mar 1830 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 7-3 Trinity
Sat 10-Mar 1700 NUIG MNLD3 Blackrock 13-11 St Vincents
Sat 10-Mar 1800 NUIG MNLD1 Corrib 12-12 Sandycove
Sat 10-Mar 1900 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 13-12 Clontarf
Sat 10-Mar 2000 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 2-16 St Vincents
Sat 10-Mar 2100 NUIG U19Boys Corrib 18-4 Cathal Brugha
Sun 11-Mar 0900 NAC U16Boys Bangor 2-9 Nth Dublin
Sun 11-Mar 0940 NAC U16Boys Clontarf 4-6 St Vincents
Sun 11-Mar 1020 NAC U16Boys Clonard 17-0 Drogheda
Sun 11-Mar 1100 NAC U16Boys Corrib 16-5 Bangor
Sun 11-Mar 1140 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 4-7 Clontarf
Sun 11-Mar 1220 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 8-6 Clonard
Sun 11-Mar 1300 NAC U16Boys Drogheda 8-17 Corrib
Sun 11-Mar 1340 NAC U16Girls Tribes B 4-5 Bangor
Sun 11-Mar 1420 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 2-8 Diamonds
Sun 11-Mar 1500 NAC U16Girls Tribes A 8-3 Clontarf
Sun 11-Mar 1540 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 22-1 Tribes B
Sun 11-Mar 1620 NAC U16Girls Bangor 3-8 Nth Dublin
Sun 11-Mar 1700 NAC U16Girls Diamonds 3-10 Tribes A
Sun 11-Mar 1740 NAC U16Girls Clontarf 4-14 St Vincents
Sun 11-Mar 1800 NAC U19Boys Sandycove OFF Drogheda
Wed 14-Mar 2100 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 9-8 Clonard
Sat 17-Mar 1430 NAC Int'l National Squads - Jnr Boys & Girls 14:00 - 20:00
Sat 17-Mar 1530 NAC Int'l
Sat 17-Mar 1630 NAC Int'l
Sun 18-Mar 1000 NAC MNLD1 Half Moon 13-5 Sandycove
Sun 18-Mar 1100 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 8-2 Clontarf
Sun 18-Mar 1200 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 4-3 Tribes
Sun 18-Mar 1300 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 4-0 (w/o) Blackrock
Sun 18-Mar 1400 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 9-6 Nth Dublin
Sun 18-Mar 1500 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 4-0 (w/o) Cathal Brugha
Sun 18-Mar 1600 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 15-5 Cú Chulainn
Sun 18-Mar 1700 NAC Int'l Senior Ladies National Squad 17:00 - 19:00
Sun 18-Mar 1800 NAC Int'l
Mon 19-Mar 10:15 NAC Int'l National Squads - Jnr Boys & Girls 10:15 - 14:15
Mon 19-Mar NAC Int'l
Mon 19-Mar 14:15 NAC Int'l
Tue 20-Mar 2030 Grove WNLD1 Diamonds B 3-20 Diamonds A
Prague, Czech Republic
Sat 24-Mar Int'l
Sun 25-Mar Int'l
Sat 24-Mar 1430 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents B 25-3 Diamonds B
Sat 24-Mar 1530 NAC MNLD3 Nth Dublin 9-5 Sandycove
Sat 24-Mar 1630 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 5-13 Clonard
Sat 24-Mar 1730 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 8-22 St Vincents B
Sat 24-Mar 1830 NAC
Sat 24-Mar 1730 Lisburn WNLD1 Cathal Brugha 5-5 Clontarf
Sat 24-Mar 1830 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard Postponed Nth Dublin
Sat 24-Mar 1930 Lisburn MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 9-10 Half Moon
Sat 24-Mar 2030 Lisburn MNLD1 Cathal Brugha 17-9 St Vincents
Sun 25-Mar 0900 NAC
Sun 25-Mar 1000 NAC
Sun 25-Mar 1100 NAC WNLD1 St Vincents A 12-13 Diamonds A
Sun 25-Mar 1200 NAC WNLD2 Clontarf 6-4 Tribes A
Sun 25-Mar 1300 NAC WNLD1 Trinity 1-19 St Vincents B
Sun 25-Mar 1400 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 15-1 Diamonds B
Sun 25-Mar 1500 NAC Int'l National Squads - Junior Girls 15:00 - 18:00
Sun 25-Mar 1600 NAC Int'l
Sun 25-Mar 1700 NAC Int'l
Tue 27-Mar 2000 Trinity WNLD1 Trinity 2-5 Clontarf
Tue 27-Mar 2100 Trinity MNLD2 Clontarf 9-5 Trinity
Wed 28-Mar 2100 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 8-10 Cú Chulainn
Brno, Czech Republic
Sat 31-Mar Int'l
Sun 01-Apr Int'l
Sat 31-Mar 1430 NAC U19Boys Drogheda 7-16 Corrib
Sat 31-Mar 1530 NAC MNLD3 St Vincents 11-8 Clonard
Sat 31-Mar 1630 NAC
Sat 31-Mar 1730 NAC MNLD2 St Vincents 13-6 Drogheda
Mon 02-Apr 1430 NAC MNLD1 Nth Dublin 4-6 St Vincents
Mon 02-Apr 1530 NAC Int'l Snr Mens National Squad 15:30 - 17:30
Mon 02-Apr NAC Int'l
Mon 02-Apr 1730 NAC Int'l
Tue 03-Apr 2000 Trinity MNLD3 St Vincents 8-11 Nth Dublin
Tue 03-Apr 2100 Trinity MNLD2 Trinity 8-16 St Vincents
Sat 07-Apr 1000 Newry MNLD1 Clonard 3-16 Cathal Brugha
Sat 07-Apr 1100 Newry WNLD1 Diamonds A postponed Cathal Brugha
Sat 07-Apr 1100 Newry WNLD2 Nth Dublin 8-12 Cathal Brugha
Sat 07-Apr 1200 Newry MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 12-5 Clontarf
Sat 07-Apr 1330 Newry WNLD2 Cathal Brugha 17-4 Tribes A
Sat 07-Apr 1430 Newry MNLD2 Cathal Brugha 14-13 Drogheda
Sat 07-Apr 1600 Newry WNLD2 Tribes A 2-24 Nth Dublin
Sat 07-Apr 1730 NUIG MNLD3 Athlone 2-16 Sandycove
Sat 07-Apr 1830 NUIG MNLD2 Galway Bay 6-2 St Vincents
Sat 07-Apr 1930 NUIG WNLD1 Tribes 10-14 St Vincents B
Wed 11-Apr 2100 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds A 9-9 Cathal Brugha
Wed 11-Apr 2100 NAC MNLD1 Sandycove 5-12 Nth Dublin
Sat 14-Apr 1430 NAC U19Boys Drogheda 12-4 Cathal Brugha
Sat 14-Apr 1530 NAC WNLD1 Clontarf 8-7 St Vincents A
Sat 14-Apr 1630 NAC MNLD2 Drogheda 8-3 Galway Bay
Sat 14-Apr 1730 NAC
Sat 14-Apr 1830 NAC MNLD3 Clontarf 8-11 St Vincents
Sat 14-Apr 1730 Lisburn MNLD1 Clonard 6-14 Nth Dublin
Sat 14-Apr 1830 Lisburn MNLD3 Clonard 11-1 Athlone
Sat 14-Apr 1930 Lisburn WNLD1 Diamonds A 9-9 Trinity
Sat 14-Apr 2030 Lisburn
Sun 15-Apr 1600 Falls Rd MNLD3 Clonard 13-9 Sandycove
Sun 15-Apr 1700 Falls Rd WNLD2 Cathal Brugha 9-13 Clontarf
Sun 15-Apr 1800 Falls Rd MNLD3 Cú Chulainn 17-12 Nth Dublin
Sun 15-Apr 1900 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds B 4-15 Cathal Brugha
Thu 19-Apr Limerick Irish Snr Cups Irish Senior Cups
Fri 20-Apr Limerick Irish Snr Cups
Sat 21-Apr Limerick Irish Snr Cups
during ISC Limerick MNLD1 Cú Chulainn 2-17 Cathal Brugha
during ISC Limerick WNLD1 St Vincents B 12-3 Cathal Brugha
during ISC Limerick MNLD1 Clonard 5-9 Corrib
during ISC Limerick WNLD1 Clontarf 6-5 Tribes
Sat 28-Apr 1430 NAC U19Girls Clontarf 0-4 (w/o) Tribes
Sat 28-Apr 1430 NAC Int'l National Squads
Senior Men 14:30 - 16:30
Senior Ladies 16:30 - 18:30
Sat 28-Apr NAC Int'l
Sat 28-Apr NAC Int'l
Sat 28-Apr 2000 NAC Int'l
Sun 29-Apr 1600 Falls Rd
Sun 29-Apr 1700 Falls Rd WNLD1 Diamonds B 5-16 Trinity
Sun 29-Apr 1800 Falls Rd
Sun 29-Apr 1900 Falls Rd
Sat 05-May Galway U15Cup U15 Cup (Born 2003 or later)
Galway U15Cup
Mon 07-May Galway U15Cup
Sat 12-May 1430 NAC Int'l National Squads:
Junior Boys 14:30 - 16:30
Junior Girls 16:30 - 18:30
Senior Ladies 18:30-20:00
Sat 12-May NAC Int'l
Sat 12-May NAC Int'l
Sat 12-May NAC Int'l
Sat 12-May 1830 NAC Int'l
Sun 13-May 0900 NAC Int'l National Squads:
Senior Men 09:00 - 11:00
Sun 13-May NAC Int'l
Sun 13-May 1100 NAC Int'l
Sun 13-May NAC U16Girls Tribes B 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sun 13-May NAC U16Girls Bangor 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sun 13-May NAC U16Girls Tribes B 0-4 (w/o) Nth Dublin
Sun 13-May NAC U16Girls Diamonds 4-0 (w/o) Bangor
Sun 13-May NAC U16Boys Bangor 0-4 (w/o) Drogheda
Sun 13-May NAC U16Boys Bangor 0-4 (w/o) Clontarf
Sun 13-May NAC U16Boys Corrib 4-0 (w/o) Clonard
Sun 13-May NAC U16Boys Clontarf 4-0 (w/o) Clonard
Sun 13-May NAC U16Boys Corrib 0-4 (w/o) St Vincents
Sun 13-May 1100 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 8-1 Diamonds
Sun 13-May 1140 NAC U16Girls Nth Dublin 7-8 Tribes A
Sun 13-May 1220 NAC U16Boys Nth Dublin 11-6 Drogheda
Sun 13-May 1300 NAC Int'l National Squads:
Senior Ladies 13:00 - 15:00
Sun 13-May NAC Int'l
Sun 13-May 1430 NAC Int'l
Sun 13-May 1430 NAC U16Girls St Vincents 5-2 Tribes A
Sun 13-May 1510 NAC U16Boys St Vincents 10-2

Nth Dublin
Prague, Czech Republic
Sat 19-May Int'l
Sun 20-May Int'l
Sat 19-May NAC U13Cup U13 Mixed Cup (Born 2005 or later)
NAC U13Cup
Sun 20-May NAC U13Cup
Brno, Czech Republic
Sat 26-May Int'l
Sun 27-May Int'l
Sat 30-Jun Int'l ASA Inter Regional U15 Boys
Liverpool Aquatics Centre
Sun 01-Jul Int'l
Sat 07-Jul Int'l ASA Inter Regional U15 Girls
Millfield School, Somerset
Sun 08-Jul Int'l