Ireland Water Polo

Irish U19 Cups 2016

The 2016/17 Irish U19 Cups took place at the UL Sports Complex in Limerick over the weekend of November 18-20th 2016.

After a competitive and entertaining weekend of water polo, St Vincents from Dublin were crowned champions in both the Girls and the Boys competitions.

The Draw and results were as follows:

Group A Group B Group AGroup B
SandycoveSt. VincentsTribes B St. Vincents 
GradsCorribTribes A Clontarf 
ClontarfDroghedaDonegall Diamonds Drogheda
ClonardCathal Brugha

Friday 18th November 
Game TimeGroup White  Blue
11700Girls ATribes B 3-16Tribes A 
21800Boys AClontarf5-12Clonard
31900Boys BSt. Vincents11-6Corrib
42000Boys BDrogheda7-11Cathal Brugha
52100Boys ASandycove4-0 (w/o)Grads
Saturday 19th November
Game TimeGroup White  Blue
6830Girls BSt. Vincents 13-3Clontarf 
7930Boys ASandycove17-5Clontarf
81030Boys AGrads9-17Clonard
91130Boys BSt. Vincents10-5Drogheda
101230Boys BCorrib9-6Cathal Brugha
111330Girls ATribes B 4-7Donegall Diamonds 
121430Girls BSt. Vincents 10-4Drogheda 
131530Boys ASandycove8-4Clonard
141630Boys AGrads10-13Clontarf
151730Boys BSt. Vincents13-5Cathal Brugha
161830Boys BCorrib15-7Drogheda
171930Girls ATribes A 12-6Donegall Diamonds 
182030Girls BClontarf 5-10Drogheda 
Sunday 20th November
Game TimeGirls/BoysWhite  Blue
19900Girls SF1Tribes A 11-5Drogheda
201000Girls SF2St Vincents14-6Donegall Diamonds 
211100Boys SF1Sandycove5-22Corrib
221200Boys SF2St Vincents18-4Clonard
231300GirlsTribes B 1-4Clontarf
241500Girls Final Tribes A9-10St Vincents
251615Boys Final Corrib3-8St Vincents

Boys Group A

Boys Group B
St. Vincents33003416189
Cathal Brugha31022229-73

Girls Group A
Tribes A 2200289196
Donegall Diamonds 21011316-33
Tribes B 2002723-160

Girls Group B
St. Vincents 2200237166
Clontarf 2002823-150